About Us

Disclaimer: We don’t make clothes that are ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’. We make clothes that are sassy and cool with a dash of chic for real girls and young women.


Why girls?

Because girls are cool. But sometimes striking a conversation with them can be
awkward and complementing their outside appearance is much easier, sending the message that their appearance is the most interesting thing about them.
Our apparel makes conversation easy because we have selected specific themes
that allow adults to break the ice instead by talking about animals, nature and
space, just to name a few examples, therefore re-directing the attention from looks to curiosity and expression.

Our values

Honesty and Transparency in every word exchanged with suppliers and customers. Respect for Labor Laws and the Environment instilled at every stage of production. We’re based in Greece, and we beautifully design and craft our garments in Greece. Producing locally gives us better control to ensure our supply chain partners comply with our Labor and Environmental values. i.e. workers are paid a respectable living wage and the miles it takes for the garments to reach us are kept at a minimum.